May 7, 2009

05May2009 is my day

I would like to remember this big day. The day when Allah gave me a clear mind, blessed me with a tremendous barokah after a quite long search and thinking. Syukron, Alhamdulillah. Allah has led me on my first "invention". I'm not a scientist, not a researcher, not even an engineer. At least glad that realizing my mind still can "think" clearly. Should I patentized it? I even have no clue on patent stuff. If any people in R&D could do sponsorship on this "new thing", it would be great. I'm so happy, let share this happiness with me by saying "alhamdulillah" for what Allah had been given to all of us ..all the time..including now.


yuwanastiani said...

Congratulations!! for whatever it is.
Yes! You should definitely patents it! (sok tau mode on.. ;p)

Ka-el said...

Xixi..paling bisa patent application (krn trnyata bukan barang baru)...cuma bikin input aja ke Research and Development (lg direview)...
berita buruknya..kok brbarengan dgn hari gw di rekrut prusahaan ini...hallah...seolah2 gw loyal banget am ni perusahaan..thanks yoan..