March 22, 2010

Buka Cangcut

I should write something positive about being in Doha, right? So people back home, will not worried too much :) or at least, pretend that me being here, is not only for work in this boring company hehe..
Well, I am not really good in lying, so I am not gonna say it is as fun as back home, that even with my eyes close, I still can pick any places in the map where the beautiful beaches, mountains or thousands of cultural sites exist :) teuteup promosi negeri sendiri ..ya Indonesia trully asia gitu loh..
so at least, I finally have chance to see the other side of my colleagues..the real and fun side which most of the time were hidden behind their two gingantic computer screens..
Couple weeks ago, we went for a cruise. A small tradisional boat cruise (not a fancy one of course, our company is not that fat). We were cruising around the Doha corniche..just the corniche (I dont even think this boat could go any further safely). The view was kind of okay, I can see the city light. The air was also nice, we are just about to start spring so it was a pleasant trip.
Oh yeah..the boat is also fully equipped with loud traditional music..(really if they only have button ON AND LOUD or OFF) And since we hardly able to speak with those guys (we thought they were speaking english, but apparently their english were totally different, we couldnt understand each other)..So at the end, we had to deal with it.
After we got bored with the joke, then we swithced to game..for some reason, only indonesian know how to do some first we did hom pim pa alaikum gambreng hehe I dont know it could be that fun..considering none of us were drunk (except with our job hehe)..and we were acting like bunch of 5 years old kids...

oh ya..I hope God forgive me for the second game..I introduced them with "BUKA CANGCUT" game..well I didnt tell them initially what the meaning of buka cangcut is (it is indonesia langungage), and they didnt seem to care anyway after the hom pim pa . I actually made up the game, I took it from one of Japanese TV channel long time ago.
So it is a speed spell word game with tone variation. People gather in a cirlce and basically just say BUKA CANGCUT with different tone.
1st person: BUUUUUU ka cangcut ......(with high pitch on Buuuu)
2nd person: Bu KAAAAA cangcut .......(with high pitch on KAAA)
3rd person: Buka CANGGGGGG cut
4th person: Buka CangCUUUUTTTTTT and so on...
(remember to do it continously in a cirle, and as fast as possible..and the speller need to bent down on pitch tone part) was fun...very very fun..(Sorry Mas Edhi and Pak Albert for making you guys ashamed knowing me and share nationality with me hahahaha..Pak Albert ampe geleng-geleng kepala bingung)...

at last, when we were to tired after so many round of BUKA CANGCUT game..then I told them what was the meaning of it which is take off your underw**r...hehe...and they burst to laugh kind of HATE ME BUT LOVE ME at the same time after that...seriously :) here what they did to me afterward..

..I have camera, but I never been in the one of them was nicely take my picture alone..(they are really nice)..

..I've no group I beg them to let me be in a group picture with them...and see what they did..(they cut me half..can you find me?)...

Ohh...Buka Cangcut...The next day in the office they said "Yallah habibi..buka cangcut..hallas..buka cangcut" to Pak Sahriar..

And Pak Sahriar (ketua pengajian cabang Doha) melotot ...dan langsung menatap gw dengan tatapan penuh cinta :) hehehehe.........maaf Pak! Piss Pak!!


Life in Adorable (L.I.A) Fab Story said...

coba kalo pada buka cangcut beneran..pasti lgsg minder deh..bhuahhahahaa...

Ka-el said...

...(langsung ngebayangin yang iya-iya)..lebay lo emang..