October 10, 2009

Sing Your Melody

Akhirnya gw ngalamin juga ngelihat matahari terbit dari jendela kantor baru gw (di jakarta ya jangan tanya hehe). Yup..gw udah mulai settled in, dan rutinitas nge-monitor real time dimulai. Real time monitoring, nggak jelas tidur beberapa hari, di tantangin client, tanggung jawab ini itu..bla..bla..bla...sounds terrible, but suck it up! This is my job, my role, my responsibility, that's life...and let's left those boring part of my life for awhile. Hehe..

I won a photo contest. Isn't that great? I ain't a photographer, had no experience shooting, suddenly won a photo contest. Probably the mother luck is in my side this time.

I know, it may be not a prestigious competition one, but at least there are people out there who may see something from the picture. It's indeed a simple picture, with zero difficulty, but it's show a real life, a real picture that may not be seen by everyone. It has some kind of spirit, to grow, to dream, to reach future. As someone said.."impossible is nothing, and nothing is impossible"...that's what we taught to those kids, to keep up high their dreams, look it up in the nightsky .."coz future is only for those who believe on the beauty of their dream"...Terima kasih anak-anak..gw selalu belajar dari kalian, kalian lah inspirasi gw, buat kalian jerih payah ini bakal kembali...At least, itu yg gw rasain pas gw ambil tuh foto (yg sbenarnya buat dokumentasi baksos).

Life is beautiful, isn't it?
I am reading this book. Sonata for Miriam. I bet many people have read Linda Olsson's book. It's simply just a beautiful novel. I can't say no more.


Life in Adorable (L.I.A) Fab Story said...

kayanya ada yang gak berubah di hidup lo..judulnya tetep "real time"...huehhehee...

yuwanastiani said...

Selamat ya Lin.. *wink-wink ;p

Gw justru baru mau belajar niih.. Telat..hehe..

Ka-el said...

@ LIA..itu bukan judul lagi..itu jobdes gw...(males gak?! demi duit hehe)

@ Yoan..ah..sama aku super amatir kok..hehe..